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Hold'em Memory Manual

Positions Examples  

Sit Down


We start the game in position 6.

 Preflop: We start this round in position 6.

Player number 7 fold.



Flop: We start this round in position 7.

          Player number 10 (Button)  fold.

 Turn: We start this round in position 8.

        Players number 10 and 9 fold.


River: We start this round with the position 10.

  • In Preflop SmallBlind is always considered as position 1 and any type of BigBlind is always considered as position 2.



Preflop: We don't want to "Wait for BB" and we want to start to play quickly. We start the game as BigBlind with the position2.  


Note: For this situation if in Preflop there is not callers the application will use the preflop BigBlind strat of the column "No Callers" . This strat for BigBlind is only used for this situation, since if we were a "normal" BigBlind and there is not callers the game would finish. 

 Preflop Strategy


Flop: When we start the Flop the application calculates our position starting from the last player, as always.


  • If we will use Hold'em Memory to play in six players' tables then we will have to create a profile configuring the strategy columns for the positions 1, 2 and from 5 to 10. The positions 3 and 4 will never be used in tables of six players.

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