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"Dear friends, It is amazing: the HM has made me win more money in few days than in a year playing Hold’ Em!!! THE HM IS AN AUTHENTIC MONEY MAKER: THE BOT (TA#3) WINS 80% OF HIS SESSIONS (THIS MEANS THE HM ONLY LOSE 20% OF THE TIME)!!! The TA#3 it s very best profile so far!!! The HM is totally undetectable by PP, since not even the Task Manager or the TCPView can detect it!!! Once more, I want to thank you!!! Keep the good work!!!"    


"I downloaded HM ten days ago and am up $1600 already. I just can't believe how easy it is. I am planning on buying another computer so that I can have two bots making me money at the same time. Thanks bro I owe you big time!"     

'M. Keyton'

"Hold'em Memory is a fabulous program; it evaluates the ongoing game and makes decisions based on current play. I use it initially to play the first Rounds in automatic mode and the rest in a manual mode. I will no longer play online poker without using Hold'em Memory."     

'Julie C.'

"Well, after reading countless books, logging hours and hours of play, and having almost nothing to show for it, I ordered your package. 11 days later I had a wad of money in my poker account equal to 1 month of pay at my regular job. I couldn't believe how simple it was."

'Cyprian V.- Waco, MT'

"Very easy to use and very powerful.  You can create strategies for all game situations containing any possible poker hand; it is really incredible."

'Tom A.'

"I have been playing poker online tournaments now for quite a few years now, and to be completely honest with you I did quite well. But I am now making almost double what I was before, and instead of spending all my time in front of the computer I am spending it with my wife and kids. For me the free time is even more important then the extra money. Not that I am complaining!"


'J. Rosenswieg - Vancouver, British Columbia'


"I have never seen anything like this. It is astonishing to watch as Hold'em Memory works simultaneously with several tables playing exactly as I would play. I am really impressed!!"


'David B.'


"I like to play several tables at once, and Hold’em Memory will automatically fold all unplayable hands and alert me when I have a possible betting situation. This then allows me to concentrate only on those hands which might be both playable and profitable. I no longer have to be bored when dealt those 2-6 offsuit hands because I don’t see them.”   The price is a bargain.  Thank you.


'Richard J.'


"Wow. Amazing. I love it. I especially love the control. I have one bot that plays pretty loose and seems to do best on the lower stakes table. I also have another who is a bit more aggressive and it does better at the higher limits. The point is I don't have just one rigid bot that always plays the same, but rather multiple bots each with their own particular bluffing frequency and style of play. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I would have never believed it!"


'Edna T.- London, England'


"Hold’em Memory’s sample profile allowed me to immediately start using it online. No card entries have to be made since the program automatically sees both my cards and the table display.  It knows what table position I am in and who has folded, bet, called or raised.  It can press the buttons for you or simply advise you on play. I can even leave it and get my morning tea, without missing a round. J


'Peggy E.'


"In the beginning I would just turn on my bot and head out for some brews with the boys. But lately I have started to sit and watch his every move, and my live game has improved dramatically."


'Scott D.- Gandy, UT'


"Finally I am making money at online poker. I have read every strategy book out there. Most of it I couldn't even understand and what I did understand really didn't help me very much. Hands down you have the absolute best poker product available. At least if your goal is to make as much money as possible. You really have put together an incredible product man!


'Raj ., Bombay, India'


  Hold'em Memory, is a very effective tool that will help you to play in the poker sites



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HighTech Developments has developed Hold'em Memory under a clean game's policy

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