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 Clean game's policy 

Undoubtedly poker played on the Internet is different, for obvious reasons, with regard to traditional poker. This difference, forces one to change traditional ideas and adapt them to the World Wide Web. On the Internet, you can play several tables simultaneously, you can quit playing immediately, you can be accompanied by other people while you play, etc. Also, technology has made available many different tools to assist us. This technology allows the player to calculate how he should play, and help him analyze the game of the other players statistically, odds, etc... Obviously, these tools are intended to help the player and recommend how he should play any particular hand.    

 HighTech Developments Co. developed this tool (Hold'em Memory) to provide the online poker player, important help. This tool executes actions pre-selected by the own player, this means, Hold'em Memory, won't make any move that the player would not make. Hold'em Memory provides a convenience tool that is only possible on Internet, thanks to the technology to player's service.

 HighTech Developments Co. will never incorporate the “shared cards” feature, since this is characteristic of a fraudulent game.


 HighTech Developments Co. defends a new game philosophy in poker. The new technologies demand new horizons, but always, respecting the clean game and fighting against fraudulent play.

Hold'em Memory, is a very effective tool that will help you to play in the poker sites



 Hold'em Memory works with the following sites:

HighTech Developments has developed Hold'em Memory under a clean game's policy

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