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Hold'em Memory FAQs

For Party, make sure that you use the classic theme of Party Poker. To change the Theme: In the Lobby, select: Preferences -> Themes -> Select "Party Poker classic"
Does Hold'em Memory monitor any personal information of mine? Does Hold'em Memory send any information over the Internet?
Absolutely NOT. Hold'em Memory does not send any information about your or your opponent's hands over the internet. It does not read anyone else's cards, and doesn't send any type of information to the exterior. Feel free to download any of the popular network or firewall tools and monitor Hold'em Memory if you feel you need to.
Hold'em Memory is allowed in the poker sites?
People normally associate automatic play with a bot that makes its own decisions, Hold'em Memory execute your decisions manually or automatically with the intention of providing the player with a dynamic game. It is a help tool to the player to make the game more comfortable, its use is inside the clean and legal game. The most important poker sites only take measures against programs that have the “shared cards” feature, since this is characteristic of to fraudulent game.

The poker client for the poker rooms is not modified at all. Holdem Memory is a completely external program. Hold'em Memory is a legal program. Nevertheless, if some day the poker site decided don't allow it, the poker site will ALWAYS send you a email to warn you about it, so you don't have to fear that your account is frozen or lost your money suddenly.

Can I make it undetectable?
Yes. See how to make it clicking here.
How do I say to the program my position and my cards?
Hold'em Memory captures your position, the cards and the situation of the game automatically. 
I am testing the Demo in Play Money Tables. Why doesn't HM make money (chips)?
When you are testing the Demo with ProfileTest in Play Money Tables keep in mind that there is a lot of difference between Play Money tables (Chips) and Real Money tables (Money). In Play Money the players are more loose and aggressive and they are making absurd and unconscious actions continually because they are not playing real money. For this reason, if you don't make chips in your tests, you should not value the HM's power based on the results obtained in Play Money tables. ProfileTest will work much better against real players playing real money.
Do I have to use the ProfileTest or any Profile for a base to develop my own Profile(s)?
Yes, you can modify any profile and/or create a new profile.
What kind of games does Hold'em Memory support?
Hold'em Memory supports Limit and NL/PL Texas Hold'em, including Ring Games,  Single-Tables, Multi-Tables and Tournaments.
How can I get started?
Hold'em Memory is very easy to use. You can launch Hold'em Memory before or after you sit down in a table. See Quick Start section from the Manual.
I have run HoldemMemory and I have problems.
1.- You should install HM using a Administrator user.
2.- The poker software must be installed in english language and the quantities should have the American format (1,234.56). You can change the number's format in Windows (Regional Settings)
3.- Turn off the Anti-Alias option of your graphic card.
4.- Programs working in background can avoid the correct operation of HM, in example "Holdem Genius" program causes the error: "The path is wrong".
5.- Make sure of setting the computer color to 32bits (True color).
6.- For Party/Empire set Off the option "Chips and Cards Movement" (Game Rules & Options -> Video & Audio Options).
7.- Maybe you need to install additional files in your computer. Please install the MDAC 2.8 file from Microsoft (it's not necessary with Windows XP - Service Pack 2).
8.- In Party and Empire Poker the tables should have the maximum size.
9.- Don't down the tables to the taskbar. The tables should be in the desktop but it's not necessary that they are on top.
10.- Make sure your operative system is Windows XP Professional.
11.- Make sure your computer has at least 200MHz and at least 126MB of RAM (we recommend at least 256MB of RAM). If you have little RAM memory we recommend you that in Party/Empire Poker you disable characters and the congratulation banner (Game Rules & Options -> Video & Audio Options).
12.- If you want to play manually you should wait to HM gathers the data of the table before pressing a button or maybe the calculations for next move are not correct. We recommend don't use the action's checkbox of the table.
13.- Make sure that you have selected the site correctly in the HM ComboBox "Site".
14.- If you still have some error message install vbrun60sp6.exe file (Visual Basic 6 SP6 runtime library) from Microsoft.
15.- For Party, make sure that you use the classic theme of Party Poker. To change the Theme: In the Lobby, select: Preferences -> Themes -> Select "Party Poker classic"

(if you see Data Collection Error message, read the points 5, 9, 10 and 13)

I already installed Hold'em Memory. How can I upgrade it?
Always make backup of your profiles. You can just download it again and reinstall it. You don't need uninstall the old version. You don't need to unlock it again if you already unlocked it.
How can I upgrade HM and my Profiles?

Update steps for Profiles:


1. - Make backup of your profiles.

2. - Download the new version, if you don't have it.

3. - Install the new version, if you didn't do it (don't uninstall the previous version).

4a. - If you had changes made in the profile "ProfileTest", restore it with the button Restore.

4b. - If you had new profiles, create them again with the same name and then restore them with the button Restore.

Hold'em Memory, is a very effective tool that will help you to play in the poker sites



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