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Hold'em Memory Glossary - T

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TableRefers to the poker table itself, or the collective players in the game.
Table CopA player who calls with the intention of keeping other players honest.
Table StakesA poker game in which a player cannot bet more than the money he has on the table.
Table TalkAny discussion at the table of the hand currently underway, especially by players not involved in the pot, and especially any talk that might affect play.
Take Off A CardTo call a single bet in order to see one more card.
Take Off The GlovesTo use an aggressive betting strategy to bully opponents.
Take The OddsTo wager less money on a proposition than you hope to win.
Tap CityTo go broke.
Tap OutTo bet all one's chips.
Tapped OutBroke, busted.
TellA player's nervous habit or mannerism which might reveal his hand.
Texas Hold 'EmA form of poker in which players use five community cards in combination with their two hole cards to form the best five-card hand. Also called hold 'em.
Third PairIn flop games, pairing the third highest card on board.
Third StreetIn Seven-Card Stud, the first round of betting on the first three cards.
Three FlushThree cards of the same suit, requiring two more to make a flush.
Three Of A KindThree cards of the same denomination, with two side cards; trips.
Throwing A PartyWhen several loose or amateur players are making significant monetary contributions to the pot.
TightA conservative player who only plays strong hands, or playing on fewer hands than the norm.
Tight GameA game with a small number of players in most pots.
TiltSee on tilt.
To GoAn amount "to go" is the amount it takes to enter the pot.
TokeA tip to the dealer.
Top PairIn flop games, pairing the highest card on board.
TreyA three.
TripletsThree of a kind.
TripsSlang for triplets; three of a kind.
TurnIn flop games, the fourth street card.
Two FlushTwo cards of the same suit, requiring three more to make a flush.
Two PairA hand with two pairs and a kicker.

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