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Hold'em Memory Glossary - O

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OddsThe probability of making a hand versus the probability of not making the hand.
OffsuitTwo different suits, used to describe the first two cards.
OmahaA flop game similar to Hold 'Em, but each player is dealt four cards instead of two, and a hand must be made using exactly two pocket cards, plus three from the table.
On BoardOn the table; in the game.
On The ComeA hand that is drawing to a straight or flush.
On TiltPlaying poorly, usually because of becoming emotionally upset.
One-GapAn inside straight.
OpenTo make the first bet.
Open-Ended StraightFour consecutive cards requiring one at either end to make a straight.
Open CardExposed card; a card dealt face-up.
Open PairAn exposed pair; a pair of face-up cards.
Open PokerGames where some of the cards are dealt face up.
OptionWhen a player posts a live blind, that player is given the option to raise when their turn comes around, even if no one else has raised; straddle.
OutA card remaining in the deck that could hopefully improve your hand.
OutdrawTo beat an opponent by drawing to a better hand.
OvercallTo call a bet after another player has already called.
OvercardIn stud games, a card higher than your opponent's probable pair; in flop games, a card higher than any card on the board.
OverpairIn flop games, a wired pair higher than any card on the board.

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