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Hold'em Memory Glossary - M

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Main PotWhen a player goes all-in, that player is only eligible to win the main pot - the pot consisting of the bets they were able to match. Additional bets are placed in a side pot and are contested among the remaining players.
MakeTo make the deck is to shuffle.
Make A MoveTo try a bluff.
ManiacA very aggressive player who plays hands that more conservative players would probably not consider.
MarkA sucker.
MarkerAn IOU.
MechanicA cheat who manipulates the deck.
MeetTo call.
Middle PairIn flop games, a middle pair is made by pairing with the middle card on the flop.
Middle PositionA position on a round of betting somewhere in the middle.
MissTo be unable to make your drawing hand when the final cards are dealt.
MonsterA hand that is almost certain to win.
Move InTo go all-in.
MuckTo discard a hand; also the discard pile in which all cards are dead.

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