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Hold'em Memory Glossary - D

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Dead CardA card no longer legally playable.
Dead HandA hand no longer legally playable, due to some irregularity.
Dead MoneyMoney put into the pot by players who have already folded.
Dealer's ChoiceA game in which each dealer, in turn, chooses the type of poker to be played.
DeclarationIn high-low poker, declaring by the use of coins or chips whether one is aiming to win the high or the low end of the pot, or both.
Declare GamesGames in which a player must declare the value of his hand in order to claim the pot.
DeuceA two, the lowest ranking card in high poker.
Deuce to SevenAnother term for Kansas City Lowball, a two to seven without a flush,being the best hand.
DominateSaid of a starting hand that will almost always beat another starting hand.
Door CardIn Seven-Card Stud, the first exposed card in a player's hand.
Double Belly BusterA hand with two inside straight draws.
Double Gut ShotA draw to a broken sequence of cards, in which either of two cards will make the straight.
Double ThroughGoing all-in against an opponent in order to double your stack if you win the hand.
Down CardsHole cards.
Down To The FeltA player who has lost most of his chips.
Draw LowballA form of poker in which the lowest hand wins.
Draw OutTo improve your hand so that it beats an opponent who had a better hand than yours prior to your draw.
Draw PokerA form of poker in which each player receives five cards and then has the option of discarding one or more of them and receiving new cards in their place.
Drawing DeadDrawing to a hand that cannot possibly win.
Drawing HandA potentially strong hand requiring a particular card from the draw to make it.
Driver's SeatThe player who is making all the betting and thus appears to hold the strongest hand is said to be in the driver's seat.
DropTo fold.

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