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Hold'em Memory AntiDetect
The Problem
Some online poker sites do not want you to run HM.  There is nothing you can do to control how far they will go to do this. Here is the solution for these sites.

The Solution
BRING is the solution to the problem. BRING is a remote window control application. BRING gives you the ability to see a copy of a window that is running on another computer. You avoid detection by running your poker software on a machine where HM is not installed. And you use BRING to let your HM machine see the poker window. Also you will need the program CapTab.

Computer 1 -> Running Poker Site Software (Party, Empire...) 
Computer 2 -> Running HM

1.- Create a shared folder in the computer 1.

2.- Open HM in the computer 2. Select the WinPP Path clicking the "Path" button, this path must be the shared folder.

3.- Open a poker table in the computer 1. Sit down and check "Deal Me Out" option on the poker table.

4.-Open BRING and transfer the table. More information...

5.- Open CapTab in the computer 1. Select the path, refresh and select the poker table. More information...

6.- Refresh and select the poker table in HM (computer 2).

1.- The CapTab Path must be a shared "local" folder.

2.- The HM winPP Path must be the shared folder.

3.- The poker site software (Party, Empire...) must be installed in both computers (you must to install the client poker software in the HM computer but don't open it. You need this installation to select the path in HM.)

4.- If you have problems with Bring remember that the most usual problem is a firewall, you must to disable it (Windows firewall, Autopost, Zone Alarm, Antivirus with firewall, in some cases the Internet Worm Protecction of the Antivirus Norton, etc...). Test both program, WinPP and Bring, some times WinPP dont work but Bring work.

5.- You must have Windows XP in both computers.

1.- Hide CapTab program behind the poker table .

2.- Change the name to the CapTab program.

3.- If you are blind and the program doesn't have enough time to click the action button, you can click Autopost option in the poker table.

4.- If you want to play with several tables you will need a shared folder for each instance. Don't forget change the path in CapTab and HM.

5.- Install PartyPoker as usual, in the default folders. 

6.- Shared folder is only used by CapTab, it saves some files in this folder. The shared folder must be empty.

7.- Forget the restricted account. Use Admin account in both computers.

General Steps
Computer 1 -> Running Poker Site Software and CapTab 
Computer 2 -> Running HM

1.- Install Poker software in both computers

2.- Run Bring

3.- Computer 1: Set the shared folder.

4.- Computer 1: Check on the poker table "Deal Me Out" option, this way you will be in stand by.

5.- Computer 1: Run CapTab, it will show the message "Processing".

6.- Computer 2: Click on the HM "Paths" button and set the WinPP Path (it's the shared folder path)

7.- Computer 2: Set the HM "Play With X Players" option to "2"

8.- Computer 2: Set the HM "Play Automatically" option to "River"

9.- Computer 2: Click on "Refresh" HM button and click on "Select Table" HM button.

HM should make click on the poker table "I Back" button automatically and play the rest automatically.

To check the correct work of CapTab check in the computer 2 the shared folder, you should see the file "ScreenShootHM.bmp" or "dontRead.txt", this files are saved by the CapTab program.

Hold'em Memory, is a very effective tool that will help you to play in the poker sites




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